Sinagtala Farm and Retreat Park Resort

"Sinag" is Pilipino for Shine or Light and "Tala" is Morning Star. Sinagtala is starlight or more appropriately, morning star light. It is also a mountain village from where the star or more accurately, the planet Venus is seen bright. Yes, Sinagtala is Starbright. The village is on the slopes of Mt. Natib, one of a chain of volcanoes, hopefully extinct, of Bataan. It nestles, 500 meters above sea level, along the northern spine of the Bataan mountain ranges. It is planted to coffee, citrus, lanzones, coconut, rambutan, etc. and is home to ferns, wild orchids and animals, birds and bats that feed on flowers of the Anae trees, nurse to coffee trees.

The climate is similar to Tagaytay, with a panoramic view of the plains of Central Luzon. A 30- minute hike to the spine rewards one with the view of Subic Bay to the west and Manila Bay to the east. From the top, one can descend through lush forests to the crater where the Pasukulan waterfalls cascade more than 100 feet down to a clear pool which drains to one of two rivers that bound the village.

Sinagtala is a 50 hectares farm and retreat park located in Brgy. Tala, Orani, Bataan, about 500 meters above sea level foothills of Mt. Natib and the Bataan Natural Park. which showcases the harmony of environmental sensitivity with bracing the view of Manila Bay. 

Sinagtala offers a clubhouse, a chapel (for weddings and renewal of vows), an attractive infinity pool with waters that seemingly cascade down the mountainside; native-style picnic huts, a three-level treehouse; an organic farm planted to seasonal crops and tropical fruits; adventure trails, and other features.

You are surrounded by fruit-bearing trees, plants, forested areas and thick vegetation. It is cool even during summer.

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